Monday 29 April 2013

Garden Fit For a Tortoise

The garden designed with a tortoise very much in mind just needs the plants to be planted up now to finish it off.

Before the garden had no focus, and was just lawn with one scruffy path running down the side of the house.  The existing raised sleeper bed dominated the space and the run was too damp for the tortoise.
Curving lines in the new design, break up the rectangular space, and give the garden a whole new dimension.  The use of gravel as mulch over the main planting areas unifies the tortoise run with the rest of the garden and provides a well drained and warm surface for the him to walk over. 
Perennials and grasses will be planted to attract insects, and provide some tortoise food.

A happy tortoise

Thursday 25 April 2013

Treyarnon Bay

The steps up to a garden at Treyarnon Bay badly needed a revamp to make them safe and user friendly.  The old crazy paving slate path was replaced by contemporary paving to incorporate the patio with the path to the front door and so maximising usuable outdoor space. Coastal planting was added to give the whole garden a softer look and lots of trailing plants have been used to clothe the wall.

The garden before work...


And after...


Sunday 14 April 2013

Boscastle Cottage Garden

A lot of hard work has gone into rejuvinating the front and rear gardens around a Boscastle cottage which had been very neglected, so it was great to get such good feedback from the client....
  'Thank you for all your hard work and creative thinking about the garden, and for being so prompt and efficient in getting it done...a great pleasure to see its transformation.'

Before and after shots