Thursday 4 October 2018

Planting for Polzeath Garden

The garden before planting and the turf....

The contemporary planting scheme is designed for the hot and sunny location by the coast,  including palms, agapanthus and grasses.



Monday 1 October 2018

Town Garden, Looe

The brief for the design of this awkwardly shaped garden in Looe was for a low maintenance design that solved the problem of different levels and slopes.  The new garden needed to be much more user friendly, with level pathways and seating spaces.  The design also needed to create one cohesive garden that would wrap around the house, instead of two distinct and separate areas.

The back garden 'before', looking down into the triangular corner, full of overgrown plants and weeds.

The 'after' view with new level lawn running off a deck from the house.
The 'before' view from the back garden up the slope into the side garden.

The same view during the build showing new levels and pathway around the house, created by retaining walls
The 'before' view of the side garden and looking towards the front garden.  The large shrubs were removed to open out the space and create more user friendly areas.

A ramp was created to link the lower level by the house up on to the front lawn, so that the client could move a mower around much more easily.
The 'before' view of the front lawn.  The slope made mowing difficult.

A new curving retaining wall allowed the lawn to be levelled up and created the space for the new pathway around the house and into the back garden.  This pathway and curving wall links the front, side and back gardens beautifully.
This 'before' view into the back garden illustrates the very awkward levels that made the garden difficult to use effectively.
Retaining walls brought up the levels and allowing the path to carry on round the house through planting and down to the circular lawn and deck area.

Contemporary fencing, a pergola and large pots all add to the look.
The planting was designed to be low maintenance with evergreens, grasses, some perennials, and importantly, to be beautiful to look at.
The bird bath is a lovely focal point and feature.

A small step down from the lawn allows access to the planting and bird bath.
When the plants fill out next year this garden will look even more stunning.