Tuesday 18 November 2014

Bodmin Georgian Courtyard Garden

A design to create an elegant and low maintenance garden courtyard.
The space also creates a new entrance way to the main door of the house and is in keeping with the look and period of the house.
Great feedback from the clients - 'Thank you so much for the great design and your help so far.'

Monday 17 November 2014

Large Border Planting, Port Isaac

This garden on the outskirts of Port Isaac was a complete blank canvas.  The client wanted to create a  very large curving border in the existing lawn, and keep the rest of the garden very natural. 
Starting to plant.....the site is open and south facing which is hot and sunny in the warmer months.
Astrantias for cut flowers....

Sedums for late summer and autumn colour....

The beautiful blue flowers of small shrub Caryopteris....

The curving sweep of the border....
Looking forward to seeing the plants fill out and flourish next spring.