Wednesday 7 June 2017

St Neot Garden Planting

The clients at St Neot wanted to create a garden out of a sloping raised area, behind and  curving around the house. 
The design.
The client undertook the landscaping himself, after which the planting went in.
Low maintenance planting with palms, lavender, grasses, rosemary and poppies amongst many others.

This is a lovely sunny spot and the plants have been chosen to suit the site.

The plants in the lower raised bed have some shade from the wall behind, and include Hellebore, Astelia and Astrantia.


Mousehole Contemporary Courtyard

The planting is now complete in the Mousehole garden (see previous blog post for 'before' photos).  The clients needed low maintenance planting, which had to have a contemporary feel to match the style of the landscaping.  Palms, Agapanthus and Astelia are some of the plants used.

Trachycarpus and Agapanthus add interest to the vintage tubs by the door.
Raised beds divide the long garden into different 'rooms'.

Astelias fill the contemporary square planters.
A low dilapidated wall has been rebuilt to divide the lawn from the rest of the garden, and wide enough to act as a seat.  A border for Echiums and palms is sheltered by the wall.

A slate path has a dual purpose, acting as an access path to the bottom of the garden
and as a French drain for the rainwater run off from the neighbours unguttered old barn.

This courtyard is an amazingly sunny hot spot right in the heart of the village, so the plants should thrive.   It almost looks Mediterranean!




Padstow Family Garden

The turf is now down and all the landscaping completed (see the before photos in the previous blog post). The new steps take you up into the garden. The oil tank has been disguised with trellis for climbers.
The new path winds up the slope through the lawn and past a new circular bed for an existing Acer that the client wanted to keep in position.
The old wall has been transformed as a raised bed for roses, that is the backdrop for the new terrace.
The new terrace leads out into the rest of the garden and is surrounded by borders.
The greenhouse has been given a new lease of life with a timber retaining wall pushing back the ground level to create a new wide path around the greenhouse, and raised borders for herbs.

At the back of the greenhouse timber steps take advantage of the raised level, and take the path up the top corner of the garden, allowing the client to walk a complete circuit of the garden by pathway.
The old concrete path needed to stay in place because of pipework beneath but has been transformed by paving.

The old dilapidated veg beds have been replaced with contemporary timber veg boxes with a pergola for climbers.

The client now has their wish, to be able to plant up a garden in their own time and putting in all their favourite foliage plants for flower arranging.
What a beautiful space to be able to do this in!