Friday 4 October 2013

Walled Garden in St Tudy

Getting great feedback always makes the job worthwhile, and these words from recent clients do just that....

"Thank you so much for our beautiful plan.  We are so thrilled and can not wait to make a start on it.  We are so grateful for all the guidance."

The clients' walled garden in North Cornwall is a lovely space which has been kept mainly to lawn for the children and pets.

Now the children are older the clients want to give the garden a new lease of life.  The plan is designed to keep a decent sized lawn but add different areas of interest as well, with more seating areas, defined pathways, additional (but not too much) planting, and a greater sense of enclosure within the garden as the space is quite open and a little exposed to the weather.

Curving lines have been used to reflect the line of the existing curved retaining wall which is to stay, and to soften the look of the stone wall that surrounds the garden.

Looking forward to taking some progress photos later in the year and next spring.....