Tuesday 22 July 2014

New Build Garden

This new build garden had a real problem with drainage.  The ground was clay, baked hard by the sun and then completely waterlogged when wet.  The garden had had turf seed sown but the conditions would not allow a lawn to develop. 
The garden was also a blank canvas, with no features or planting at all.

Two patio areas were separated by a drainage channel, and one was raised slightly.  A soakaway was also added.

The clients wanted a seating space with some raised beds and to integrate a water feature brought from their last home.

The raised timber beds create the herb garden that the client was keen to have,
as well as a good green area of lawn, which was also raised slightly to help with the drainage.

Trellis was used to hide a unsightly wall along the back garden boundary.  The garden is a real hotspot of a suntrap,  and the existing raised beds and new borders were filled with Lavender, Day Lilies, Hebes, Crocosmia, and Nepeta amongst many other plants suitable for such a sunny spot.

The garden is not large but has now been transformed from a scrubby patch into a garden with different areas for seating, a herb garden, lawn, with space to walk around and through the gardens' spaces.