Thursday 29 August 2019

A Country Garden

Half of this large country garden in a village near Camel Valley Vineyard had been an old concrete yard with workshops, a garage and an old wall  The usable garden space and old lawn badly needed new life breathing into them.

The brief was to connect the two halves of the garden, to create a gentle garden with 'rooms', soft and lush planting for clients who loved to garden, a vegetable garden, a garden that connected with the countryside around it.  Also the steep drive up to the yard area was to be removed, this area becoming part of the garden.

The design had to take into account several areas within the garden, as well as existing trees, a new shed, and an old greenhouse.

The concrete yard before work started...

The old wall dividing the two parts of the garden - work already started, knocking through the wall and creating a terrace...

The new shed with all the scrub land that would become the vegetable garden.
A new deck and raised veg beds.

Borders on both sides of the dividing wall disguise and soften it...

The new gap in the wall, with a pergola, creates access between the two garden areas and 'rooms' in which to sit.  The pergola is planted and softened with climbing roses.

Pergolas, raised planting beds, and lush borders create different areas in which to sit.
The old lawn is shaped with curves and edged with setts to define it. 

You enter the terrace under a pergola clothed in roses.

The terrace sits amid borders on three sides and lawn on the fourth.

The steep old drive is terraced into garden rooms.

Grassed, perennials and herbs mingle together, working well with the gravelled areas.

The old greenhouse has a new gravelled and edged walkway around it to make access easier and to smarted up the space.

The existed conifer hedge has become a backdrop to a seating area and is softened by the borders and a pergola.

The planting a season or two on is now well and truly established and truly completes this gardens transformation.  It is the most beautiful space.

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